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"GEX knows how to make them last.  The key here is.... quality work and an attention to detail"
               - Dune Buggies and Hot VW's magazine. 

GEX PREMIUM Beetle Engine

Stock Long Block

VW Beetle  1961-1979

The German engineered Volkswagen line of vehicles are some of the most popular small passenger cars and vans in the world. The VW Beetle engines are known for their great gas mileage and sporty performance, while the body and interior of the vehicles are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.

As the world's third largest auto manufacturer, Volkswagen has several lines of vehicles. And as North America's largest remanufacturer of VW Beetle engines, GEX proudly offers the most complete line of VW engines available anywhere.  GEX International supplies Rebuilt air cooled VW Beetle engines, as well as New water cooled VW engines for the New Beetle.

All GEX Beetle engines are set up to run on unleaded gas and are Hot Run Tested.  This means that we temporarily install carburetion and other accessories to actually fire them up to run our complete battery of tests before the GEX name goes on each Beetle engine.

The below engines with crate weigh 162 pounds.

Volkswagen Beetle 1961-1979 Engines
Part # $ Price $ Core
GX 10601X  1200 cc, 40 hp, 61-65 Volkswagen Beetle engine, 6v-180 mm flywheel, available with rebuilt heads only 1499.00 300.00
GX 10602X 1600 cc, 1966 Volkswagen Beetle engine, single port, 6v-180 flywheel 1299.00 495.00
GX 10604X 1600 cc, 67-70 Volkswagen Beetle engine, single port, 12v-200 mm flywheel 1299.00 495.00
GX 10604AX 1600 cc, 67-70 Volkswagen Beetle engine, single port, auto, w/ rebuilt oil pump & flexplate 1299.00 495.00
GX 10605X 1600 cc, 71-74 Volkswagen Beetle engine, dual port, 12v-200 mm flywheel 1299.00 495.00
GX 10605AX 1600 cc, 71-74 VW Beetle engine, dual port, auto, w/ rebuilt oil pump & flexplate 1399.00 495.00
GX 10606X 1600 cc, 1974 VW Beetle engine, dual port, 12v-200 mm flywheel, CA only 1299.00 495.00
GX 10607X 1600 cc, 75-79 VW Beetle engine, dual port, 12v-200 mm flywheel, fuel Injected. 1399.00 495.00
GX 10607AX 1600 cc, 75-79, VW Beetle engine, dual port, auto, fuel injected, w/rebuilt oil pump & flexplate. 1499.00 495.00
GX 10670X 1641 cc VW Beetle engine, single port, 12v-200 mm flywheel 1499.00 495.00
GX 10671X 1641 cc VW Beetle engine, dual port, 12v-200 mm flywheel 1499.00 495.00

VW long block engine core charges are additional.  Rebuildable cores may be returned freight prepaid to GEX for credit.

 What is a core charge ??
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New Head Upgrades
Part # $ Price  
HE 040-373.2NUP New stock single port head upgrade (pr) 219.00
HE 040-375.2NUP New stock dual port head upgrade (pr) 219.00

To make that engine run cooler, smoother, longer and with less maintenance, we recommend that you consider the following options:

  Super Cool Tins - To allow better cooling of the cylinders. 
  Electronic Balancing - For longer life and a smooth running engine.
  Hydraulic Lifters - Forget those 3000 mile valve adjustments.
  Heavy Duty Oil Pump & Spin On Filter - Keep that oil clean with a real filter instead of the stock screen.
  Counterweighted Crankshaft - Allows the engine to run smoother and ultimately to last longer.
  041 Heads - Get a performance boost and still have a warranty.
  If you're replacing a 13/15/1600 engine, now is the time to trade up to a Dual Port engine (same price!!!).  Our Dual Port Conversion Kit C is the only additional item you will need to get that extra horsepower.
  Installation Kit - Now, with the engine out of the car is the time to replace those worn out accessories.

Part # $ Price  
LP AC119403 Super Cool Tins (pr) 44.10
SLS/LBR/PAL Electronic Balancing 169.00
LP HYDT1 Hydraulic Lifters 269.00
OP 9206 UP Heavy Duty Oil Pump & Spin On Filter (upgrade) 119.00
CR 043105069/CX UP Counterweighted Crankshaft (Upgrade) 229.00
HE 041 375C/X UP 041 Heads (Upgrade) 219.00
MK 043 198 701C Dual Port Conversion Kit C 189.00
IK 11601 Installation Kit Type I, II, 61-66 199.00
IK 11604 Installation Kit Type I, 68-70 199.00
IK 11605 Installation Kit Type I, 71-74, Type II, 1971 199.00

The GEX 12 month or 12,000 mile warranty applies to engines with the above options.

All GEX PREMIUM stock engines are covered by our nationwide, no hassle 12 months or 12,000 mile warranty. See warranty card for details.   An optional 36 month or 36,000 mile warranty is also available on all stock Type I, early Type II, and Type III engines for an additional $ 129.00.   

Part # $ Price  
PR 00123 36 month or 36,000 mile warranty  $ 129.00

For vehicle accessories and parts please see our Empi Catalog Store.


Customer's Cars

1965 Volkswagen Bug
1600 cc Dual Port
Joe Bailey
Aliso Viejo,  California

Until recently I had the original motor in my 1965 Bug.  It finally gave up on me and the quest for a new engine started.  Everywhere I turned, I heard that GEX was the place to go for the best quality motor.  I put my faith in your company and was thoroughly impressed with your outstanding service and knowledgable staff.  I didn't want to take any chances with my car and I'm sure I won't be let down.  Thanks for everything.

Please see our Customer's Cars pages for other enthusiast's experience with GEX Engines.

Customer Reviews
The engine breathed to life in seconds...
Jason Cheatham
The engines you send out are, in fact, better than you say...
Beth and Steve Edwards
I have bought 5 or 6 GEX engines over the years...
Gary Luke
The engine runs like a dream...
Casey Thompson
I am so pleased with my engine...
Garland Terry
The engine is running like a bat out of hell...
Kim Welch
I love it and the motor has plenty of power...
John Anderson
Still thrilled with my engine...
Sean Coon
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