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GEX Long Block Options (1)

In addition to all of the standard items that come with the GEX engines, we also offer the following options to build it your way.

Counterweighted Crankshaft

The stock VW crankshaft without counterweights on the opposite end of the throws causes premature wear on both the main bearings and the main bearing saddles.  This ultimately results in lower oil pressure and usually a shorter engine life than would otherwise be possible.  The GEX Chromoly Counterweighted Crankshaft solves all these problems by evenly distributing the load of the entire reciprocating mass.  This extends the life of the case and the engine.  Standard equipment on the 1904 cc and larger engines (exc. 1914 cc).
CR 043105069/CX UP Counterweighted Crankshaft (upgrade)  $ 229.00

Full Flow Oil Pump with Spin On Filter

This is a quick and easy alternative to complicated full flow systems, yet still utilizes a real oil filter instead of just the stock screen.  The filter mounts directly on to the oil pump.  If you want to keep your oil clean without a lot of expense or trouble, then this is the way to go.  Spin-on Filter is standard equipment on Hydraulic lifter engines except late Type II and Type III with the rear mount.
OP 9206 / 9207 Full Flow Oil Pump with Spin on Filter  $ 119.00

New Case

Where rebuilt is good, new is always better.  If you're in it for the long run, or simply want the best available, why not start with a brand new, fully machined, standard size, dual relief, state of the art case. 
CS 043 101 025/N UP New 1600 Case Upgrade   $600.00

Electronic Engine Balance

Balancing is an absolute must for any Hi-Performance application and highly recommended on stock engines.   Pistons and connecting rods are matched to within 1/2 gram and crank and flywheel are balanced to achieve the ultimate in a smooth running high mileage engine.
SLS/LBR/BAL Electronic Engine Balance  $ 169.00

Windage Tray

The GEX windage tray fits into the bottom of the engine case.   Made to prevent oil sloshing and spray, it keeps the oil near the sump and available to the oil puck up tube.
AC 115790 Windage Tray  $ 28.80

Hydraulic Lifters Kit

Hydraulic lifters eliminate valve adjustments and require less maintenance.  Available on all of our Type I, early Type II and Type III engines, these are brand new performance anti-bleed lifters.  The Hydraulic Package includes: New Hydraulic Lifters, Hydraulic Camshaft, Heavy Duty Oil Pump with Spin-on Filter, New Hi Carbon Steel Push Rods.  Spin-on Filter not included on late Type II and Type III vehicles with the rear mount. Not recommended for engines 1776 cc and higher.
LPHYDT1 Hydraulic Lifters $ 269.00

Deep Sump

With the additional demands placed on a higher performance engine, the demands on it's oil are increased as well.  The GEX deep sump provides an extra 1-1/2 quarts of oil, therefore increasing oil cooling and helping to prevent oil starvation during hard use.
AC 115210B Deep Sump  $ 95.61

Super Cool Tin

Originally designed to aid the cooling of the Type III's, these tins dispense air around the bottoms of the cylinders for a far superior cooling effect.  We recommend these for all stock and hi-performance Type I's and early Type II's.
LP AC119403  Super Cool Tin   (pr.)  $ 44.10

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Also see Cylinder Head Options.
Prices listed on this page are to substitute these items on a long block engine.  For outright prices of the above items alone, see individual parts pages.
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The engine breathed to life in seconds...
Jason Cheatham
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I have bought 5 or 6 GEX engines over the years...
Gary Luke
The engine runs like a dream...
Casey Thompson
I am so pleased with my engine...
Garland Terry
The engine is running like a bat out of hell...
Kim Welch
I love it and the motor has plenty of power...
John Anderson
Still thrilled with my engine...
Sean Coon

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