Rebuilt Volkswagen Performance Air Cooled Long Block Engines


And now, these engines are covered by the same 12 / 12 warranty as our stock engines and feature brand NEW dual port heads. 

The below engines with crate weigh 162 pounds.

GEX Performance VW Engines
Big Valve Long Blocks

1776, 1835, 1904, 1914, 2110, 2180 & 2275 cc

GO FOR THE POWER...  with a big valve dual port engine from GEX.  The 1776 and 1835 engines are the most popular VW engine upgrades.  At GEX we have a complete inventory of these engines in stock, ready for immediate shipment.  You can get these popular engines right off the shelf, now.  No waiting for parts, no waiting for machining in order to assemble your engine.

All GEX Performance engines, 1776 cc and higher, are made out of the late dual pressure relief valve engine cases. Don't assume that all of the competition does this. We've seen some using even the early 40 hp cases for performance engines. With all of the cheap imitations out there, be sure to check the STANDARD EQUIPMENT page for all of the new parts and special machining that come standard with every GEX Hi-Performance Long Block Engine.  If you compare item for item, you'll find that GEX engines are very competitively priced.  They have plenty of additional horsepower for your VW sedan, buggy, bus or Type III.

Each GEX component is carefully selected for it's reliability and it's contribution to the ultimate performance of your engine.  These engines come with:

vw engine GEX Standard 12 / 12 warranty vw engine Double Thrust Cam Bearings
vw engine NEW Big Valve Dual Port Heads vw engine 8 Dowel Crankshaft & Flywheel
vw engine Heavy Duty Oil Pump vw engine Hi Carbon Steel Pushrods
vw engine GEX 110 Cam
vw engine AA Piston & Cyl. set
vw engine Bolt on Aluminum Valve Covers
vw engine Solid Heavy Duty Rocker Shafts
vw engine and More

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All GEX Long Block motors are Hot Run Tested.  This means that we temporarily install carburetion and other accessories to actually fire them up to run our complete battery of tests before the GEX name goes on.

"While almost anyone can build an engine that
makes horsepower, building reliability
is another matter...  GEX knows how to make their motors last." 

- Dune Buggies and Hot VW's magazine

Volkswagen Bug (all), early Bus (pre 1972) and Type III (all) Motors *
Part # $ Price Core  
GX 10675X 1776 cc, dual port, 12v-200 mm flywheel, 40 mm Intake x 35.5 mm Exhaust Valves, 69 mm Stroke x 90.5 mm Bore 3,200.00 695.00
GX 10677X 1835 cc, dual port, thick wall 12v-200 mm flywheel, 40 mm Intake x 35.5 mm Exhaust Valves, 69 mm Stroke x 92 mm Bore 3,200.00 695.00
GX 10679X 1914 cc, dual port, 12v-200 mm flywheel, 40 mm Intake x 35.5 mm Exhaust Valves, 69 mm Stroke x 94 mm Bore 3,200.00 695.00
GX 10680X 1904 cc, dual port, 12v-200 mm flywheel, stroker 40 mm Intake x 35.5 mm Exhaust Valves, 74 mm Stroke x 90.5 mm Bore 3,700.00 695.00
GX 10686X 2110 cc, dual port, 12v-200 mm flywheel, Stroker, 40 mm Intake x 35.5 mm Exhaust Valves, 82 mm Stroke x 90.5 mm Bore 3,700.00 695.00
GX 10688X 2180 cc, dual port, 12v-200 mm flywheel, Stroker, 40 mm Intake x 35.5 mm Exhaust Valves, 82 mm Stroke x 92 mm Bore 3,700.00 695.00
GX 10690X 2275 cc, dual port, 12v-200 mm flywheel, Stroker, 40 mm Intake x 35.5 mm Exhaust Valves, 82 mm Stroke x 94 mm Bore 3,800.00 695.00

What is a core charge ??

* Please specify Rear Mount required for applications into 68-71 Bus and 68-72 Type III.

VW long block engine core charges are additional.  Rebuildable cores may be returned freight prepaid to GEX for credit. 

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Customer's Cars

1970 VW Kubelwagen Replica
1600 cc Dual Port
Chuck Anderson
Troutdale, Oregon
My Kubelwagen Replica needed a new motor and I had heard good things about GEX.  So I called and bought a new 1600 cc dual port.  I was kind of under the gun to get it shipped and installed before an event.  The folks at GEX were fantastic.  They knew I needed the motor in my hands by a certain date and went out of there way to get it to me in time.  Also, I had a million questions about the motor and they were very knowledgable and friendly.  I will pass on my positive experience with GEX to my friends.   Oh, by the way, the motor is beautiful !!

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Customer Reviews
The engine breathed to life in seconds...
Jason Cheatham
The engines you send out are, in fact, better than you say...
Beth and Steve Edwards
I have bought 5 or 6 GEX engines over the years...
Gary Luke
The engine runs like a dream...
Casey Thompson
I am so pleased with my engine...
Garland Terry
The engine is running like a bat out of hell...
Kim Welch
I love it and the motor has plenty of power...
John Anderson
Still thrilled with my engine...
Sean Coon

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