What is a core and a core charge ?

A core is your old worn out (yet still rebuildable) engine or part that is required as a trade in when you purchase a remanufactured or sometimes a new one.  An acceptable core or rebuildable core is one that is not broken, damaged beyond repair, or so severely cracked that is can no longer be machined back to proper working condition.

A core charge is a deposit for the value of the core that is paid instead of the trade in at the time of your purchase. It is refundable after we receive your old rebuildable part back. To receive full credit, the core must be the same type and size as what was purchased. Also, some cores of lesser value, or partially damaged can be returned for partial credit. If in doubt, please inquire with your sales person. The shipping cost for the return of the core is the responsibility of the customer.

What about shipping ?

All prices listed are F.O.B. our warehouse in Booneville, Arkansas, which is about 40 miles southeast of Fort Smith, Arkansas.  Any applicable shipping charges are in addition to the cost of the item or items purchased and are based upon the size and weight as well as where they are shipped to. Due to the volume discounts we have arranged with the major carriers, we can usually ship for much less than one might think.  See our Engine Shipping Costs page for more specific info. For shipments outside the United States, please furnish us with an exact address for a quote. Priority and air shipments are also available to help speed things up, but again we need an exact address to give an accurate quote.

What is a longblock ?

A longblock is the basic engine, without any accessories. This is the case put together with the pistons, cylinders, heads and valve covers. The Type I, II, & III engines are also supplied with a flywheel.

What is a turnkey ?

Turnkeys are complete engines with everything installed, except clutch and exhaust, ready for installation. However, turnkeys can be ordered with clutch and exhaust additional.

What if my car is 6 volt ?

No problem, we stock many 6 volt parts, and should present no problem.

What else will I need for a proper installation ?

Look at the car, see if all the seals around the deck lid are in place. Are they missing? How about the compartment seal, this is the time to replace it. How old is the clutch? Replacing it now will save you from paying for labor twice to remove the engine, or save you from doing the work twice. New belts, hoses (air & water), filters, spark plugs, plug wires, etc. sure make an installation look much cleaner, and easier.

What parts in a GEX engine are new, or rebuilt ?

It depends on the type of engine you've ordered. Typically, the heads are remanufactured or new (depending on the order), New pistons and cylinders, rebushed and resized rods, reground crank, reground cam, resurfaced flywheel, reground lifters, all new bearings, gaskets, and seals, and a remanufactured case.

Do I have to have a shop install my rebuilt GEX engine to have a warranty ?

No, Anyone can install our engines and still have a warranty. The engine must be installed correctly, with all compartment seals in place, timing set correctly, etc.... Engines installed missing these pieces, or installed incorrectly inevitably overheat, and cannot be covered by the GEX limited warranty.

Can I use unleaded fuel ?

All GEX engines come ready for unleaded fuel. No additives are needed, or recommended.

Should I use octane boosters ?

Most octane boosters really don’t do the job. Most are just solvents that slow combustion, but don't control the burn. A controlled burn is important to the life of your engine. Make sure that you use quality fuel, preferably no less than 92 octane.

What if I have trouble installing my rebuilt GEX engine ?

First off, make sure that you have a Bentley manual to work from. Most other brands of manuals lack the attention to detail that Bentley manuals are known for. Second, our technical department may be able to assist you. We're experienced with some the most common problems found during installation, Remember we ship thousands of engines world wide, we've seen it all!

Is a balanced engine better ?

Yes, balancing insures a quieter running engine with less vibration, and stress. You might even consider counter weighting the crank, as this will even further reduce the amount of vibrations and crankshaft harmonics, and will extend the life of your engine.

What is a counter weighted crank ?

A counter weighted crank has additional weights added to it, to offset the weight of the rod journal, and the bottom of the rod. This reduces crankshaft flexing and vibration, allowing greater rpm limits and a better sounding engine.

But I need something special......

A. No problem! We can custom build engines, or components to suit. Need special this or that, or maybe an aftermarket part for your VW. We can probably help.

Should I use a remote mounted oil cooler ?

That’s a good question. Do you live in an area that is hot? Do you do a lot of extensive driving? A remote oil cooler might not be a bad idea, but leave the factory cooler in its place, and add to it. We can prepare the case on your VW engine to run a remote cooler, and filter if desired, to provide a cool, clean source of oil to you engine, ensuring longer life.


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The engine breathed to life in seconds...
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The engine runs like a dream...
� Casey Thompson
I am so pleased with my engine...
� Garland Terry
The engine is running like a bat out of hell...
� Kim Welch
I love it and the motor has plenty of power...
� John Anderson
Still thrilled with my engine...
� Sean Coon
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