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From Marvin Hettinga
Location Alton, Iowa

GEX International has treated me very good.

The 1776 turnkey engine came all crated up on a pallet. Installed engine in my homebuilt trike. Engine runs very good and has a lot more power than my old one.

I would highly recommend GEX to everyone. Thanks for all your help!

From Garland Terry
Location Sandy, UT

Hi Larry,

I wanted to thank you for all your help and advice. I am so pleased with my engine. I have attached photos and wrote a little review.

I purchased a rebuilt VW 1904cc Stroke Long Block engine from GEX and have been more than impressed with both the engine and GEX customer service. I have never purchased anything over the internet and was very nervous. Larry Dawson has been more than helpful and supportive through the whole process. I made numerous phone calls and emails to Larry and he was always available to answer any of my questions.

Mr. Dawson, thanks for all your help choosing the right motor. I have it all put together and took it out last weekend It runs so good it’s scary. I had your motor put on a dyno and will be sending you all the out put shortly, with some more photos. The two carburetors work so good, thanks for the advice. It was great working with you and I'm going to need a new trans. soon I will give you a call.

From Bob Glidwell
Location Bolivar, MO 65613


I want to thank you for your assistance in taking care of my motor issue, even though it was not your products fault. Alex and the rest of your team worked diligently in analyzing the problem I was having and came up with a solution. They went above and beyond the call of duty in getting my engine to run properly with the appropriate equipment (carburetor and distributor) even though my equipment was brand new. I have installed my engine and it runs extremely well.

Again, thanks for your help.

Bob Glidwell

From Kim Welch
Location Pocatello, Idaho

Hey Larry,
Sorry I haven't sent this sooner, last Wednesday the 16, November, I took out the car for a test run. The engine is running like a bat out of hell. I'm very happy with the engine, and I really appreciate the great customer service I've received whenever I've called for help. Please tell Alex thanks for his help too, it was a good time talking with him, he sure knows his stuff.
Thank-you again Larry, and everyone at GEX, for putting out a great product, with customer service to match.

Kim Welch

From John Anderson
Location Fennville, MI

Hello, this is a pic of my award winning 1968 autographed Meyer's Manx , with a 1835 motor from GEX... this buggy has won 9 {1st }place trophies, and 2 runners up. This tub got best paint at the buggy show in Lansing MI, where Bruce Meyer's autographed it in 2008. Motor is a 1835 69 mm counter weighted crank, Engle 120 cam, spin on oil filter, 042 head's ported and polished..this buggy will run a easy 85 mph.. I love it , and the motor has plenty of power...Thanks

From Phil Malmsberry
Location Damascus, Ohio

Had a great experience with GEX. It went together good and runs great. Sand drags, my 2180 runs about 6.60 seconds, 58 mph, 100 yards. Runs better all the time. Thanks... Paul was great to work with.

From Sean Coon
Location Chico, CA


Received my shiny 1835 this morning right on schedule from your shipper.

Looks fantastic.. Can't wait to bolt it all up and fire it up.

I was VERY impressed by the packaging and crating.. WELL worth the crating charge. If as much care went into building my motor as went into getting it to California safely I know we will have a winner.

Heading to Pismo Beach, CA the first weekend in Feb with my sand rail powered by your GEX motor.. Will be sure to take pics and video that you can use for marketing.

Thank you for a fantastic transaction!


From Sean Coon
Location Chico, CA

Hi Larry,

You probably thought I would NEVER get around to sending pictures of my sand car.. Well I finally made time! Please feel free to post them or use them in any way you like.. More than happy to help promote your brand! Still thrilled with my engine, and am working on my brother to buy one from you instead of re-building his 1600 for his little Meyer's Manx.

Our rail is believed to be an early Chenoweth knock down frame. Has stock type 1 swing axle (so we will be visiting you soon). Aluminum front beam, aluminum wheels, sand squirt tires,, custom diamond plate pan, Jamar peddle assembly, high back buckets (soon to be changed for something that doesn't break your ass bone), 4 point harnesses, and a fantastic 1835 built by GEX. Carbs are dual 44 solex.

Hope this finds you well!

Sean Coon

From Tim Hutinger
Location Westphalia, Missouri

I am very pleased with the results from my work and your amazingly reliable, powerful, and visually stunning 1914cc dual port engine. Together we have made a very fast, fun, and formidable machine that brings excitement and miles of smiles to my face. Thanks Again!!!!

Tim Hutinger

From Cy Appel
Location Whitefish, MT

I received my core refund. Many thanks for your good service and especially for that wonderful new engine. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Cy Appel

From Harry Tilton
Location Rochester, NY

The engine is now installed and running great, here is a picture of the car.

Chopped top 4in. single piece front end, whale tail, ghost flames painted front and sides, electric door opener (no handles) chrome wheels.

Harry Tilton

From Steve Fabro
Subject Happy Customer

My son got a GEX engine that was in a show car and never used. I contacted you with some concerns, and you promptly replied and offered me your personal attention even though I didn't buy it from you. Wow!!!
My son absolutely loves the motor, it has twice the power as the original, similar MPG, and drives from South Carolina to Florida regularly, and have had no problems at all. None. The good word will be spread through out the Samba forums. We are very pleased with your product, follow up, and wish you a very successfull new year. Feel free to use my testimonial as you desire. If you want any pics of the car or engine I will be happy to send them to you. Simply put, well done. I would be a fool to not give you all my future business and look forward and confident in referring you my friends. I give you my permission to give my email address to anyone wanting to hear from an owner of your fine product who's expectations have been exceeded, and will answer all inquiries.
Steve Fabro

From Dick Fischer
Location Belle Vista, AR


My mechanic friend Dan, received the 1776 engine on 3/31/11. Picked the car up last night. What a beautiful sound ! Those dual mufflers you recommended sound great. I noticed the difference right away. Looking forward to years of great driving experience.

Best to you,

Dick Fischer

From Jason Cheatham
Location Toccoa, GA

To whom it may concern, my name is Jason Cheatham and I purchased a stock 1600cc rebuilt unit last week and it arrived on 01/10/12 by your carrier. right off the bat. I was impressed with the effort that went in to the packing or should I say crating . I imediatly thought to myself ,even the box it comes in looks professional. I just did not know what to expect, after unboxing it I felt a sigh of relief. Anyone that takes as much pride in there transporting, literature on the engine, gaskets for the final assembly,break - in proceedures,warranty info, down to the GEX logo on the box. I was certain just as much detail had gone into the engine itself. I installed it last night (01/11/12).followed your instuctions to a T . The engine breathed to life in seconds and sounded amazing, drove today , plenty of power, engine is nice and quiet other than the awesome exhaust note comming from the tri-mil. no oil leaks , pures like a lion .You should be receiving my warranty card shortly but as good as it is running I cant imagine needing it.I look forward to many miles on this longblock and am hoping for the best after a little more time and a few more miles on it..THANK YOU

From Gary Luke
Location Sioux City, IA

Attached are 4 photos of trikes, all with GEX Engines in them. I have bought 5 or 6 GEX engines over the years for use in trikes. Not one of these ever leaked a drop of oil in years of hard driving. I had used one as my personal engine for years and it was the best running engine I ever had. I truly regret selling it. It ran remarkably smooth. The GEX that I have now in my big trike has run flawlessly for years.

From Elizabeth Wotton
Location Manitoba, Canada

The van was originally purchased in Germany in 1976 and has the original paint. We have slowly replaced parts on it as needed. Without GEX the van would have gone to the auto wreckers. Should be good for another 30 years and 100,000 miles. Thanx guys.

Elizabeth Wotton

From Jim Murray
Location Jonesboro, AR

I purchased my 67 Beetle 5 years ago. Over a period of 3 years, I completely restored the car inside and out. The wind up key is hand made, and turns counter clockwise when the ignition is on. I called GEX with a lot of questions before purchasing an engine from them. They were very helpful in assisting me to choose the right engine for my needs and budget.

Jim Murray

From Larry Flannery
Location Madison Heights, VA

Please find enclosed some pictures of my 1968 Beetle powered by the 2180 cc GEX engine that I purchased. The engine runs very good. I have about 2000 miles on the engine since June of 04. The car will be garaged until spring.

Larry Flannery

From Kevin Brazil
Location Wimberley, TX

Just wanted to thank you for your help. My first restoration attempt would not have gone nearly as smooth, had you not been patient with my obvious limited knowledge. I have learned a lot in the process and I am grateful.

Kevin Brazil

From Derek Barnes
Location Hoboken, NJ

Good Morning GEX,

About 10 years ago I bought your turnkey 1835 cc Volkswagen Dual Port Engine and dropped it into my 1973 VW Superbeetle. With the addition of a “freeway flyer” 4-speed manual transmission that allows me to cruise at today’s highway speeds with great ease and low RPMs, I’ve loved every minute of my superfast Superbeetle. I want to compliment you on your quality turnkey engine. I’ve had no major problems and only have to tinker with the timing of the dual carbs every once in a blue moon. Unfortunately, corrosion has taken over the body and frame of my beloved Superbeetle, and it is time to retire this ride and move on to another toy. This time, I plan on outsourcing the project of a Karmann Ghia convertible 100% body off restoration, and I’m wondering if I can simply bolt on this wonderful Superbeetle engine that you sold me into my soon to be new Karmann Ghia. Can you let me know if this engine is easily transferable from a Beetle to a Ghia? Thanks so much for your help and for building such great engines.


Derek Barnes

From Stac Duff
Location Buda, Texas

Earlier this year I set out out fulfill a dream I have had for over 35 years. That dream was to build, own and drive a hotrod beetle. I found a 1970 beetle that needed a new home and it became my project. At this point I have done numerous mods, the most important of which is the 2110 power plant from GEX. It's not a show car but it sure turns heads and draws attention. I found GEX on the internet and made my decision to purchase from GEX based on price, warranty and reputation. I made a couple of phone calls to GEX while shopping around and the staff was always very helpful. It was easy to see why the employees work there, because they enjoy what they do and take pride in doing it. I recently finished my car and she has only gone a few miles so far, but the engine purrs like a kitten and when you step on the gas it roars like a lion. Thank you GEX for building a quality product for others to enjoy.

Stac Duff

From Barn Built Trikes
Location Underwood, MN

The black trike was completed in April of 2010 with a GEX built 1914 motor and it is great, The service I get from GEX is excellent to say the least. The running gear is out of a 1968 VW Bug. The rest is home built. The yellow trike is also home built due for a GEX built motor this fall.

Glenn Playle

Barn Built Trikes

From Beth & Steve Edwards
Location Stevens Point, WI
Subject You were right on a couple of counts!

It finally warmed up enough here in Wisconsin to get my dune buggy out. Here's where you were right
1. The engines you send out are, in fact, better than you say! We got it in and were cranking it over to fill the carbs with gas and suddenly it was running! It sounded so sweet we just had to listen to it for a while. Took it out on the road and gently took it through a few miles at slow and medium speeds and it really runs great. We are so very much pleased with that it's hard to really communicate how pleased we are! I don't think I've ever heard an aircooled VW sound so solid without all the extraneous "noises" I'm used to. Must be the balancing and the special crankshaft with the center bearing. Thanks for recommending that when we purchased.
2. The exhaust system really is much quieter than I'd expected and for that I am really pleased. Again, thanks for recommending that too.
I had to go out of town but when I get back on Sunday I'll be sending in my warranty sheet.

Should anybody else think about buying an engine from you folks and wants to hear one run and feel it pull, feel free to refer them to me.
Steve & Beth Edwards
Edventures, LLC

From Jim Frankenberger
Location Williamsville, NY

I am very pleased with the addition of your GEX 2110 engine to my customized 73 Super Beetle. I have customized it from bumper to split bumper. I have fabricated a dash to resemble a 57 Chevy, made port hole windows like the Ford Thunderbird and fabricated a split window like a very old VW. The back seat has been replaced with a rear rolled and pleated deck. The deck employs bullet type head rests like the old Corvettes. The rear fenders house PT Cruiser tail lights and between the split bumper are fabricated bee hive style backup lights. The 2110 chromed stroker motor adds the final touch to my cruiser car. Thank you for delivering a great product on time.

Jim Frankenberger

From Raynold von Samson
Location Madrid, Spain

Dear Larry,

Just to confirm that the engine's in (as of yesterday, I picked the car up today) and it runs like a charm. I've mailed the warranty card today for your files to begin the 1 year warranty period.

It has been a great pleasure to work with you and I appreciate all your help and efficiency! All that's left to do now, is to do the paint job on the car and then it should be in very good condition. Maybe I'll send you a photo when it's all done.

Best regards,

Raynold von Samson

From Chris and Corinne Moody
Location San Diego, CA

My wife and I purchased the car after I had been in a pretty bad motorcycle accident and was in need of transportation. Since then we’ve swapped the entire drivetrain to a GEX Freeway Flyer trans and a 1914 cc engine. Couldn’t be happier. In our downtime and for fun we take the car in parades and drive around our neighborhood. The windshield down, top down and the doors off. Our Thing is the closest I could come to riding a motorcycle but on 4 wheels. All the wind in our mobile tent is a blast. Thanks for the awesome drivetrain.

Chris and Corinne Moody

From Vaughan Sutton
Location Tennessee
Subject 90K and still good engine

I bought a 1800 bus engine from you guys about 20 years ago and it's still going strong, burning no oil. Now have a problem with the Tranny (from Transform also 20 yr old) or shifter linkage. I suspect customers worry the sh.. out of you from free advise but.......I'm desperate now hence this inquiry. The 75 Westy, on occasion maybe 5% of the time, will not shift into reverse, works ok otherwise. The shifter rod in the cab appears ok, checked, cleaned and greased and linkages under bus look to be working ok but I'm not for certain. If I need a tranny, I will use GEX, but if you have heard of this problem before perhaps you can give me a tip on what to look for. If anyone reads this, thanks.
Vaughan in Tennessee

From Casey Thompson
Location Santa Rosa, CA

I won this car by writing an essay about my experience having cancer and what winning this bug would mean to me. The engine runs like a dream.

Casey Thompson

From Ramon Camacho
Location New Haven, CT

Hello Larry
I just want to say thank you for youre help on geting this engine togeter for my 65 Beetle it sounds great,it runs great and it looks so cool. Here are some pictures

Ramon Camacho

From Teri Ferguson

Hi Larry – thanks for the response – I appreciate it – we were off yesterday for Mardi Gras so I just got this today. I will go ahead and mail the warranty card noting that it is a 36/36 warranty period and watch for the new invoice in the mail.

I really can not begin to express how pleased I am with GEX, the product and the response.

Teri Ferguson

From John Van Lieu
Location Eureka, CA

Dear Larry,

Here’s the pictures of our 1980 Vanagon. I installed the PowerMaster long block engine (with the works) I bought from GEX about two weeks ago. This engine has no Cat and has an aftermarket exhaust. It runs smooth as silk.

John Van Lieu

From Pat Godwin Jr.
Location Dunn, NC

Larry, The Godwin engine you did during Christmas holidays for the Rewaco trike is running great! If you remember all the issues we had with Rewaco and having bad luck with this engine, it didn’t stop there. After we sent R&L to pick it up at your place they got it to Atlanta and somehow it went to Oklahoma and was sitting on the dock while everyone was looking for it. We’ve finally got it installed and it was worth the wait. It sounds much better than when it was new. It purrs like a kitten. We are road testing it today. Thanks for the help and advise. We will certainly recommend you to others.
Pat Godwin, Jr.
Godwin Mfg Co Inc

From Tom Duchesne
Location Cranberry Twp., PA
Subject 1.9l TDI

Larry Dawson (GEX) and Scott Robertson (Foreign Fix),


Good morning! I wanted to take a minute to thank the both of you and your companies for assisting me in getting my 2002 Jetta TDi back on the road. I am thrilled with the service and the car is running great.

Thanks again!

Tom Duchesne

From Mike Amato
Location Point Lookout, NY

Larry, attached you will find two pictures of the buggy, I should get the car back next weekend, I will take some good pictures as promised and forward them to you. Thank you for the invoice.

Mike Amato

From Todd & Charlotte Vickers
Location Orange,Texas

After the purchase of our new motor from GEX in March 2010, We placed 1rst in the
Auto engine-rear air cooled division at the 2010 Trike week event in Branson Missouri. We are satisfied with the service and product and would not hesitate to do business with GEX again. Much appreciation..

Todd & Charlotte Vickers


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The engine breathed to life in seconds...
- Jason Cheatham
The engines you send out are, in fact, better than you say...
- Beth and Steve Edwards
I have bought 5 or 6 GEX engines over the years...
- Gary Luke
The engine runs like a dream...
- Casey Thompson
I am so pleased with my engine...
- Garland Terry
The engine is running like a bat out of hell...
- Kim Welch
I love it and the motor has plenty of power...
- John Anderson
Still thrilled with my engine...
- Sean Coon
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