Rebuilt Volkswagen Complete Air Cooled Vanagon Engines

GEX 2.0 liter VW engines

72-83 VW Bus, Van, Vanagon & 914 Porsche

All GEX International Complete VW Vanagon engines are Hot Run & Tested under load conditions.  These engines are actually fired up to run our complete battery of tests before the GEX name goes on.  

These engines with crate weigh 362 pounds.

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72-83 VW Bus, Van, Vanagon
Part # $ Price
GX 10725HTK 2.0 liter engine, originally from the1978 VW Vanagon, but now carbureted, w/ hydraulic lifters and early oval port heads. This engine can be used in applications from the 1972 bus to the 1978 bus 4,999.00
GX 10726TK 2.0 liter engine, 1979 VW Vanagon, now carbureted, w/ hydraulic lifters and late square port heads. 4,999.00
GX 10730TK 2.0 liter engine, 80-83 VW Vanagon, now carbureted, w/ hydraulic lifters, late square port heads and breather pipe in case. 4,999.00

914 Porsche Engines
Part # $ Price
GX 10920TK 2.0 liter 914 Porsche engine, 70-74, now carbureted, replaces original 1.7 & 1.8 engines. 4,999.00
GX 10928TK 2.0 liter 914 Porsche engine, 73-76, now carbureted, replaces original 2.0 liter engines. 5,399.00

All GEX International Premium stock engines are covered by our nationwide, no hassle 12 months or 12,000 mile warranty.  See warranty card for details.  An optional 36 month or 36,000 mile warranty is also available on all stock engines listed here for an additional  $199.00. 

Part # $ Price
SLS/PR00004 36 Month or 36,000 Mile Warranty 199.00

To make that engine run cooler, smoother, longer and with less maintenance, we recommend that you consider the following options:
engine 2100 cc - We can now upgrade these engines to 96 mm Pistons & Cylinders changing from 2.0 liter to approximately 2.1 liter.
PowerMaster upgrade - Pick up the additional HP to climb hills
  Electronic Balancing - For longer life and a smooth running engine.
  Counterweighted Crankshaft - Allows engine to run smoother and ultimately to last longer.
alt  Maxi Oil Pump - Closer tolerances than a stock pump, provides added volume and increased oil pressure during low speed operation.
alt  Compufire Ignition - Bring your ignition system up to the 21st century.

The same 12 month or 12,000 mile warranty applies to engines with these options.

Counterweighted Crankshaft Maxi Oil Pump

Part # $ Price  
PN029198075BB 96 mm Piston & Cylinder Upgrade    289.00
SLS/NS PowerMaster upgrade    400.00
SLS/LBR/BAL Electronic Balancing    169.00
CR 039105101/CXUP Counterweighted Crankshaft (upgrade) 429.00
OP 1829 Maxi Oil Pump 93.50
TK11100 Multi coil distributorless Compufire Ignition 299.00
MK CC210 Clutch Kit Type II, 210 mm, 72-73 Van 259.00
MK CC215 Clutch Kit Type II, 215 mm, 74-75 Van 259.00
MK CC228 Clutch Kit Type II, 228 mm, 76-83 Van 259.00
MK CC 914 Clutch Kit Porsche 914, 228 mm, all years 449.00

These engines include the flywheel and are available only with rebuilt heads.   

 Also see the GEX POWER MASTER engines and options on the next page.
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Customer's Cars

1967 Volkswagen Transporter
1776 cc Dual Port
Ron & Becky Maxon
Westwood, N.J.

We Picked up a '67 for winter driving to save the 83 Westfalia.  Once I started to clean it up, I didn't know when to stop.  After a lot of reading, your suggestions were very in sync with mine.  Dealing with customer service was a pleasure and a few quirks were quickly addressed.  With about 5000 miles on the engine it's singing a beautiful song.  Thanks guys. 

Please see our Customer's Cars pages for other enthusiast's experience with GEX International Engines.

Customer Reviews
The engine breathed to life in seconds...
Jason Cheatham
The engines you send out are, in fact, better than you say...
Beth and Steve Edwards
I have bought 5 or 6 GEX engines over the years...
Gary Luke
The engine runs like a dream...
Casey Thompson
I am so pleased with my engine...
Garland Terry
The engine is running like a bat out of hell...
Kim Welch
I love it and the motor has plenty of power...
John Anderson
Still thrilled with my engine...
Sean Coon
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