Rebuilt Engines and Transmissions

GEX Long Block Options (2)

In addition to all of the standard items that come with the GEX engines, we also offer the following options to build it your way.

Lightened Flywheel

Strategically machined down to just 12 pounds, then 8 doweled and balanced.  Allows for quicker engine rev's and faster acceleration.  Works particularly well with lighter or modified vehicles.  Not recommended for busses or transporters.
FL 311 105 271/XL Lightened Flywheel $ 119.00

Engle Cam

If you're looking for a performance cam grind from a new billet, GEX highly recommends the complete line up of Engle racing cams.  Engle is considered by most to be the premier cam grinder in the VW industry.   With many different profiles to choose from, we can offer a genuine Engle to match any displacement, horsepower or r.p.m. range desired.  Dyno tests have proven that Engle cams deliver what they promise.... PERFORMANCE.  The most popular Engle cams are:
CM 113 109 021/10N UP Cam, 100 = .420" lift and 278 dur.  (upgrade)  $ 89.95
CM 113 109 021/11N UP Cam, 110 = .430" lift and 284 dur.  (upgrade)  $ 89.95
CM 113 109 021/12N UP Cam, 120 = .435" lift and 294 dur.  (upgrade)  $ 89.95
CM 113 109 021/13N UP Cam, 130 = .460" lift and 308 dur. (upgrade)  $ 89.95

Chromoly Pushrods

Heavy duty high carbon steel replacements won't bend or flex like the stock aluminum ones especially with heavier springs at higher r.p.m.'s  A big part of a bullet proof valve train.

LP 633M Chromoly Pushrods (set)  $ 58.60

Solid Rocker Shafts

These hardened steel one piece solid shafts are much stronger and more durable than the standard VW units.  The originals only use spring washers and clips that may break or come off at the higher r.p.m.'s.  Solid rocker shafts are especially recommended for use with higher lift cams or heavy duty valve springs.  These are standard equipment on the 2110 cc through 2275 cc engine.
LP 113 109 000/HD Solid Rocker Shafts (pair) $ 49.95

Bolt on Valve Covers

A great looking, low cost alternative to the stock VW bale type covers. These attractive aluminum covers not only assure positive gasket sealing, but they also offer increased valve train clearance for running larger valve lifts or swivel feet adjusters.
ME 9152 Bolt on Valve Covers (pair) $ 46.44

EMPI Aluminum Valve Covers Bolt - On

Polished Aluminum Valve Covers featuring a special Hi-Performance Channel-Type gasket for positive sealing. Features "EMPI" logo and comes complete with gaskets and hardware.
ME 8852 "EMPI" Valve Covers, (set)  $ 95.03
ME 8868 Replacement "Channel" Gaskets, (pair)  $ 15.01
ME 8897 Replacement Hardware, (set)  $ 16.15

Straight Cut Cam Gears

Big cams, high spring pressures and r.p.m.'s can place extreme pressure on your bearing thrust surfaces.  You can eliminate premature failure by running this straight cut gear set up,  as opposed to the stock helical design.  Due to the additional noise generated, it is recommended for serious racing applications only.
CM 406710 Straight Cut Cam Gears  $ 119.00

Total Seal Rings

These gapless piston rings almost completely eliminate leakdown and blowby of your cylinder compression, thereby allowing your engine to make the maximum power possible.  Available in all of the most popular bore sizes, total seal rings are the ultimate in ring sealing technology and shouldn't be overlooked by anyone with serious performance in mind.
PN 1175 Total Seal Rings $ 119.00

Windage Tubes

These inexpensive replacements for your stock push rod tubes feature an extra long end going into the crank case, which eliminates oil starvation at the pick-up tube by preventing it from sloshing into the heads.  This is often encountered during hard cornering or off road conditions.  Keep your oil in the sump, where it belongs.
AC 109 380B Windage Tubes (set) $ 77.20

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Also see Cylinder Head Options.
Prices listed on this page are to substitute these items on a long block engine.  For outright prices of the above items alone, see individual parts pages.
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The engine breathed to life in seconds...
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The engines you send out are, in fact, better than you say...
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I have bought 5 or 6 GEX engines over the years...
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The engine runs like a dream...
� Casey Thompson
I am so pleased with my engine...
� Garland Terry
The engine is running like a bat out of hell...
� Kim Welch
I love it and the motor has plenty of power...
� John Anderson
Still thrilled with my engine...
� Sean Coon
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