GEX Accessory Options for Custom Turn Key Engines

Choose from the following options to set up your GEX Turnkey as you like it.


Serpentine Belt Pulley System

This pulley system has a reputation for the pulleys never breaking and the belt never stretching or squealing.  And they look terrific.  They are made from high quality billet 6061 T6 aluminum and are CNC machined and then anodized to help protect them from nicks and scratches.  The timing marks are then CNC machined into the face of the crank pulley to insure accuracy.  Installed in the idler pulley are two high speed chrome sealed ball bearings rated up to 35,000 rpm.  Available in red, blue, black and aluminum, orange, purple and lime. Available for T-1, T- 2 and T-3

serpentine pulley
TK TitanRed Serpentine Pulley upgrade, Red $ 309.00
TK TitanBlue Serpentine Pulley upgrade, Blue $ 309.00
TK TitanBlack Serpentine Pulley upgrade, Black $ 309.00
TK TitanAlum Serpentine Pulley upgrade, Alum $ 309.00
TK TitanOrange Serpentine Pulley upgrade, Orange $ 309.00
TK TitanPurple Serpentine Pulley upgrade, Purple $ 309.00
TK TitanLime Serpentine Pulley upgrade, Lime $ 309.00


Alternator Kit
If you are planning to run some additional electrical accessories such as auxiliary lights, amps or winches, or if you just want to modernize your VW's electrical, now is the time to get a 12 volt alternator charging system.  These GEX 55 amp alternators offer increased output and reliability.  Don't be left without juice. Available for T-1, T- 2 and T-3
TK 903900 UP Alternator Kit Upgrade $ 235.00

Kennedy 1700 Lb. Clutch Kit
If your going to make some serious horsepower, you will need a serious clutch to handle it.   Let your motor deliver all the power it makes.  Rated by many as one of the most effective clutches on the market, we also feel that it is one of the strongest clutches available at any price.  If you're serious about performance, then this is the clutch for you. Available for T-1, T- 2 and T-3
MK CC1700EK Kennedy 1700 Lb. Clutch Kit 67-70 $ 259.00
MK CC1700LK Kennedy 1700 Lb. Clutch Kit 1971 and later $ 259.00

Compufire Ignition
This multi-coil distributorless ignition system is the industry standard for full race engines. Also used for offroad and street performance.  It provides triple the energy of conventional electronic ignition systems for better fuel economy and quicker startups.   This maintenance free, 12 volt system has no moving parts to wear out, so it saves you both time and money on expensive tune-ups. Currently available only with blue wires.
TK 11100 Multi coil distributorless, Compufire Ignition $458.00

Compufire Module Points
Never have to adjust or replace your points again.  This maintenance free, 12 volt system installs in just minutes, providing you with optimum performance and reliability.
TK 21100 Compufire Module Points, for 009 + 050 Bosch Distributors $ 199.00
TK 21101 Compufire Module Points, for all Bosch Vacuum Distributors $ 199.00


Degree Wheel Pulleys
These pulleys run true and straight because they are machined from aluminum billets.  They assist in setting valves and timing.  Deep V belt channel keeps your belt in position at higher R.P.M.'s. Available for T-1, T- 2 and T-3
TK 9114 Degree wheel pulley $ 75.00
TK 8688 Sand Seal & Pulley, Bolt in $ 115.00

EMPI Hi Performance Aluminum Degree Pulleys
The Ultimate Aluminum Degree Pulleys... HARD ANODIZED Black, for maximum protection from sand and dirt, PLUS LASER ENGRAVED Degree marks for long lasting service. Available for T-1, T- 2 and T-3
TK 331055 Laser puley, standard size $ 85.00
TK331065 Laser pulley, standard size, w/ bolt in sand seal $ 145.00

Breather Box Kit
Excessive crankcase pressure in big engines results in oil leaks and blowby.  This remote mounted breather system provides maximum crankcase evacuation and a reusable foam element that you simply clean and reinstall for years of trouble free service.  It is also totally sealed to ensure that no outside contaminants may ever enter your engine.   These are highly recommended for off road or dusty conditions. Available for T-1, T- 2 and T-3
TK 8544 Breather Box Kit $ 69.00

GEX Engine Color Show Kit
TK 8743 Blue Trim Kit $ 69.00
TK 8744 Red Trim Kit $ 69.00
TK 8745 Yellow Trim Kit $ 69.00

GEX Chrome Kit
Set your Turn-Key off with triple chrome plated sheetmetal. Super smooth polished finish requires minimal wipe down to keep it looking great for years to come.  Includes alternator pulley and chrome hardware for that perfect finishing touch! Available for T-1, T- 2 and T-3.
MK CK1001A Chrome Kit $ 348.00

All prices listed on this page are to substitute these items on a Turn Key engine. For outright prices of the above items alone, see individual parts pages.  

empi Please see our Empi Store for further items.    

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The engine breathed to life in seconds...
� Jason Cheatham
The engines you send out are, in fact, better than you say...
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I have bought 5 or 6 GEX engines over the years...
� Gary Luke
The engine runs like a dream...
� Casey Thompson
I am so pleased with my engine...
� Garland Terry
The engine is running like a bat out of hell...
� Kim Welch
I love it and the motor has plenty of power...
� John Anderson
Still thrilled with my engine...
� Sean Coon
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